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Actually, i miss every single things in this page :'|

Don't know what to say, haha. suke-2 post :) how much i miss in this moment, can't describe it with words nor mouth :\ maybe dengan post, boleh lepas rindu. hm, aha just maybe i guess.

haha time ni, kite tengah buat muke ape ehh xD
ha muke sedih or comel, haha xD
miss this pict :\

haa this time, kite main tulis-2 name. 
sweet en kite :')

haa yang ni, aha it's my responsible to take care of you right? 
so i will, w my full heart sayang :'D

and lastly, hm.
AdibahYasmin bt MohamadRosely.
i will grow old w you no matter what happen,
then i will make sure that we will be le great Mum and Dad for Dany and Nia :)

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